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May 3, 2020


Book a ride by downloading the app with link below, or follow this Direct Link to computer-and-laptop-reservation-page

EDWARD Transportation is re opening from our Covid 19 temporary shutdown on May 1, 2020.

Not all of our drivers will be available until July 31. Please book early.

Our drivers will be using Covid 19 self protection measures. Masks, gloves, sanitizer, lysol spray, etc., until the guidelines change.

We hope that passengers will also be taking precautionary measures.  Uber and Lyft are requiring passengers to wear masks.  We believe that is a good idea.  Our drivers do not carry extra masks for passengers. 

We want all involved to stay safe and not get sick.

All rides will be pre booked and debit or credit cards will have to be posted prior to the pick up.

We prefer you download the app and or book online.

We are a small business and our drivers have had it rough for almost two months now. Your tips will be greatly appreciated.

It is best to communicate with us by text, then phone. email is not checked as often as text or answered as often as phone calls.

Thank you and let's rebuild the travel industry together.

God bless,

EDWARD Transportation.

To Register on your Computer or LapTop click on the link below.

Computer and LapTop Reservation Page


To Register via our app please use your smart phone.  First copy the Operator Code 2B845A

Download our Android or IOS app. by clicking on link below. Download the Driven Anywhere Ride-share APP and create your account. Enter your ride at least one hour in advance.  As a fail safe for rides within 4 hours, please text us also that you entered a ride.  Text to 678 414 3616.  A Concierge Driver will be assigned to you and be responsible to follow up and confirm your ride information within 

Links to the Driven Anywhere app in online app stores:

Copy and paste this code in Operator Code 2B845A one time, once you download the app.